Tip Top Crop: Our Favorite Medical Marijuana Strains

Medical marijuana strains and products come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colors, tastes, uses, etc. Whether you’re new to having a medical marijuana card, or you grow at home, the vast amount of information about strains can be baffling. Walking into a quality dispensary that has more products than you can use in a day can be overwhelming. Educating yourself on a few of the tip top crop we have at Swell can go a long way in making you feel more comfortable with each visit to the dispensary.

Patients walking into a dispensary may be confused by the different medical marijuana strains, cultivation techniques, and names. For example, take a look at one Denver dispensary menu here or a Swell one. What does all this information mean? What is the best type of marijuana for treating your ailment? How will it make you feel?

The Lowdown on Strains: Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

Indica, sativa, and hybrid are different cannabis categories that have been specified over time, as the plant has grown all around the world in varying climates. These categorizations were developed because with different medical marijuana strains come different properties that may impact a patient’s mood and body in different ways. Indicas have a mellowing effect, which make them great for promoting relaxation in those who suffer from PTSD, or other psychological condition that cause anxiety. Sativa plants are known for giving patients and recreational users a “body buzz” and making them feel more physically active. The high produced makes one feel less sedated and more energized, so sativa is a prime choice for those who suffer from debilitating physical conditions.

Hybrid simply means that the strain is a plant breed from sativa and indica plants that yields a mixture of the two strains, and their properties. If you’re unsure whether indica or sativa is the best choice for you, a hybrid is a safe stepping stone.

A Few of Our Favorite Medical Marijuana Strains

The process of shopping for medical marijuana is really fun! We will give an overview of five strains, their properties, and what they treat most efficiently.  

  1. Mother’s Milk (sativa-dominant hybrid): A new, deeply comforting strand ideal for depression and other ailments. The hybrid lends itself to a functionally relaxed state. It’s great for anyone looking for effective stress or pain relief without the drowsiness of some of the more indica-heavy hybrids. It has a thick creamy taste with hints of vanilla.
  2. Wifi (indica-dominant): Wifi, or “white fire” is a hybrid known for its strong, pain-relieving effects and a yummy citrus flavor. It’s also unique and comes in a gorgeous white hue! It has a very cerebrally clear and calming effect without the indica-heavy “in the couch” feeling.
  3. Green Candy (sativa-dominant): It helps ease anxiety and put a patient on the right track for their day. As an uplifting focus-fixer, it’s as delicious as it sounds. Green Candy boasts a powerful cannabinoid profile with a small dose of CBD balancing out this otherwise THC heavy strain. The balance of CBD and THC in this flower is part of what makes it such a potent strain for relieving depression and anxiety and providing the user with a sense of heightened focus. The tangy earth tones of Green Crack intermingle with the sweetness of Candy Kush to make a lively, unique scent and taste.
  4. ICED Grapefruit (sativa-dominant): Known for its lilting, positive effects and is a hybrid that offers the best of both worlds. Quality flower has fresh crystals and notes of citrus (hence the grapefruit nomenclature) mixed with a hashy, plant-like taste. ICED Grapefruit would help someone in pain get their zest for life back. It also has a very euphoric and inspiring mental effect, thanks to the sativa genetics that tend to dominate this citrusy strain. With bright notes of citrus and grapefruit as the name promises, this strain is energizing at first sniff.
  5. Rombery Kush (indica-dominant): A potent and ideal mix for treating pain and allowing the patient to feel relaxed without being tired. It’s a northern strand that helps treat muscle spasms and pain from nerves. Patients suffering from chronic pains and ailments like PTSD benefit greatly from this strain’s effects.

At Swell, we are dedicated to our patients and want them to have the best experience. We’d love to answer your questions about our favorite flowers or products. Contact us here for more info, or stop by and chat with one of our awesome budtenders today.

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