The Changes We’ve Made are Swell!

2018 is well underway and we are so excited about the swell changes we’ve made!  Some of our amazing patients and readers might not know about all of the new things at Swell Farmacy. Check out our new Swell features, plus new ways to stay in touch and connect with us.

New Features

  • All Swell Farmacy locations are operating as deli style! This means you can really stop to smell the flowers. We also have select rotating strains available in pre-packed half ounce and full ounce increments.
  • Swell now accepts Hypur digital payment option at all stores. Cash is still gladly accepted and we have no-fee ATMs in all dispensary lobbies.

Connect With Us

Swell is on Snapchat AND we have a new Instagram! Follow our Instagram at @lifelivedswell and follow us on Snapchat for exclusive deals. Each location has its own Snapchat account, and we also have one for general Swell deals and news:

  • Swell Farmacy (general): swellfarmacy
  • Swell Farmacy Bell: swellonbell
  • Swell Farmacy Camelback: swellcamelback
  • Swell Farmacy Central: swellcentral
  • Swell Farmacy Youngtown: swellyoungtown

One more thing… are you subscribed to our text notifications? If you want to know about our Swell daily deals, you should definitely sign up.

Sign Up For Swell Daily Deals

  • Step 1: Visit
  • Step 2: Choose your preferred location from the Menu & Locations tab
  • Step 3:
    • Scroll to the bottom of the page where it says “Stay in the Know!”
    • Enter your mobile phone number in the space provided
    • Choose your interests (optional)
    • Click “Submit”
  • Receive a confirmation text after you hit “Submit”!

Have questions? Give us a shout. 2018 is off to a swell start and with all of our new additions, things are only going to get better. Hope to see you in a Swell store soon!

If you have any features you’d love to see in any of our Phoenix dispensary locations we’d love for you to contact us.

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