Getting too High and What to Do if it Happens

Overmedicating is a surefire way to have a not-so swell time. While getting too high seems funny in movies, overmedicating in real life is inconvenient and can actually be pretty scary. Oftentimes, overmedicating can cause symptoms similar to those of a panic attack and patients may not know how to handle such a heightened state of consciousness. You might worry that this high is going to last forever (how long do edibles last, anyway?), but, we promise, it won’t. Remember: no one has ever died from overmedicating on marijuana. 

How do you avoid getting too high in the first place?

Have you ever had the intense paranoia, dizziness, nausea, and out-of-place depth perception that means you’re way too high? Or maybe it’s that everyone is speaking too slowly, or not slow enough. You might have a hard time putting down the ice cream (we can’t blame you), or you become oddly preoccupied with the structure of music.

No one wants to be the guy who gets so high he starts acting like a character in a stoner flick for reasons, but sometimes it just happens by accident. Overmedicating can happen from eating too much of an edible, adding alcohol or other drugs to the equation in a kamikaze-like fashion, or consuming marijuana that is stronger than what you have previously used or are used to. Never play mixology games with prescriptions, alcohol, and marijuana when you get high.

With edibles, remember that they take anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours for you to feel the effects. Many first timers, and even veterans, can’t be sure how potent the edible will actually be until they try it. If the effect doesn’t happen right away, they may conclude that it’s not working, and eat more; thus, accidentally overmedicating. Once the body starts metabolizing the edible, that’s when the little gummy bear or brownie becomes a menace.

The other mistake patients make is getting the munchies and eating more of the edible. Plan to always have other food and snacks available. The high from edibles can last up to several hours, depending on an individual’s metabolism. The good news is that you can conquer feeling too high while your body metabolizes the medical marijuana.

How to counteract being too high

Treat being too high as a panic attack and look for ways to self-soothe. You can:

– Take a bath
– Go for a walk
– Sniff black peppercorns
– Drink water
– Take a nap
– Snuggle with your pet

Whatever you do, don’t panic. Not a single person has ever experienced a fatal overdose from being too high on marijuana. If you end up experiencing one of those too-high times, try to just coast the high like a wave and soon you will have quite the story to tell. This, too, shall pass! Contact us if you’d like more information about our products or stop by one of our several Phoenix locations to chat with a Swell budtender.

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