Medical Marijuana and Terminal Illness
September 22, 2017

Marijuana is an ancient remedy. According to Understanding Marijuana, marijuana use dates back to 2700 B.C. when it was used in India and China to treat gout, poor memory, and malaria. For thousands of years, marijuana has been used in many forms as a pain remedy and treatment for numerous illnesses. It was only in the past century […]

Arizona’s Medical Marijuana History
September 13, 2017

If someone asked you to identify things used in the B.C. era that are still used today, how many items would be on your list? The first ones that come to mind are fire, the wheel, and marijuana. That’s right, the use of marijuana dates back thousands of years! (Come on, weed wasn’t born yesterday—even Martha […]

5 Marijuana Myths BUSTED!
August 24, 2017

Similar to the popular board game that asks players to determine whether something is fact or crap—like whether or not you can see the Great Wall of China from space, or if we really only use 10% of our brains—information about marijuana varies and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what’s fact and what’s crap. To set […]

Marijuana and the Munchies
June 27, 2017

Chances are good that you’ve heard of the hunger-inducing marijuana side effect lovingly referred to as weed munchies. Marijuana munchies aren’t just an urban legend; in fact, this common side effect makes medical marijuana incredibly beneficial to those undergoing chemotherapy, radiation, or who are managing other illnesses that cause nausea and/or reduce appetite. There’s actually some pretty […]

Swell Camelback is Now Open!
May 12, 2017

Swell Farmacy opened its fourth medical marijuana dispensary location just three weeks ago, and it’s already a hit (no pun intended) in the Camelback Corridor of Central Phoenix. Located at 1040 E Camelback Rd, the newest store opened just a couple of days after Swell 32 on McDowell temporarily closed for updates, which was helpful […]

For centuries, cultures have depended on natural medicines from plants to treat and cure a range of conditions and ailments. From minor aches and pains, to diseases such as cancer and diabetes, patients all over the world have had great success with natural treatment. Unfortunately, pharmaceutical companies work very hard to keep the use of […]

How To Get Cannabis Card in Arizona
March 16, 2016

Steps To Get A MMJ Card in Arizona Swell Farmacy provides a step by step guide to obtain your Arizona Medical Marijuana Program ID. Is it hard to get a cannabis card in Arizona? No, it is not and the procedure to obtain an MMJ card is simpler than you think! Follow These Steps to […]

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